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Mit dem Herz in der Hand und der Leidenschaft im Bein ...

We are third in the World Cup - OH wie ist das schöööönnn! It's amazing - I was never really interested in football but this time I was totally crazy about it - it's so nice to see all these happy Germans outside - waving with their flags!
Well, who thought that the Germans can actually celebrate and be happy like this lovely guy:

He is so great and I have never seen someone jumping as high as him (ok, maybe the Croatian coach who always jumped into the arm of everyone though he didn't have too many occasions for that)

Well, the fact that we won tonight made my weekend (which so far looked like that: Friday evening: missed the Czech film "Cesky sen" I have been looking forward to for ages as boyfriend forgot to switch of the radio in the car (some days ago) and while trying to use the whatsoever-cable probably did even more damage to my lovely car (still not working); read the final thesis of lea_yasaye - though it was very interesting, especially since I got to know that the topic was slightly different than I thought - auddenly everything made more sense ..)
well, ok there was another good thing on Friday - at work we got the new DUDEN with the new German orthography rules :)))))
Hm, I guess only people who work in publishing houses can understand why I'm so happy about that :)

54, 74, 90, 2010!!!!!
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