lunicko (lunicko) wrote,

Friday morning

Every morning on my day to work last week I thought that it was much too warm and sunny to go to work and that it would be perfect weather to go to a park and read a good book instead - well, and yesterday my "dream" became kind of true ... and I spend half of the morning under this lovely tree reading Milan Kundera's Immortality

Well, but the circumstances were kind of weird. I was at the main station at seven in the morning, tired but ready to take the train to work but then the train conductor realized that the train had a technical problem so we couldn't go - that meant waiting half an hour for the next train to the kind of "rural" town where I'm working. Then the next train had to brake really hard on its way, it rumbled quite a lot and I heard the train driver shouting "What a shit". My first thought (somebody who wanted to end his life had decided to lie down on the rails) wasn't true but we had hit a car which was standing halfway on the rails even though the gates where closed (later it turned out that the car driver had been a 74-years-old woman who had thought to drive around the gates to cross the rails (crazy!!!) and then her car broke down in the middle of the rails). Luckily nobody was killed (even the crazy old lady had managed to get out of her car before we hit it) but now we were in the middle of nowhere, between a cabbage and a wheat field with about hundred people (one had to catch an airplane) and had to wait for buses to take us to the next train stop. And as this took about two hours to prepare I had lots of time sitting under this lovely tree instead of hanging around in the stuffy office. In the end I only arrived at work at 11 o' clock and left again at half past one - what a great day :)))

In total due to the accident 27 (!) trains were canceled, there were delays for the next 12 hours on this train connection and I guess the woman will never get out of debts again - paying for the damaged train which lost 700 l of diesel, for the police, ambulances, fire brigades checking the ground water for diesel ...
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